Harry A. Rich

This was one of my first SquareSpace sites and I think it’s both simple and elegant. Just what the client wanted and he was rightfully fussy about how his work would be presented. The art is the star of the show in this easy to maintain site. Of course, image optimization was a must.

Miss Phyllis

Fine Linen and Frocks

Like many small brick and mortar shops, Miss Phyllis experienced a drop in traffic due to Covid. So she turned to online sales for her exclusive lines of clothing and linens. Combined with email marketing, not ony is this SquareSpace website keeping her business afloat but it’s thriving more than ever.

Peter Crabtree Photo

Peter Crabtree is a popular local photographer who served for many years as a respected photojournalist for the local paper. It often seems to be true that less is more. Many artists just need an online gallery done right, a short bio and a way to get in touch. We never overdo websites. We always give the client exactly what they need; no more and no less. 

The Martha Canfield Library

We made them a website that was attractive, organized and easy to maintain through a Content Management System. Now the site stays up to date and users love the way it looks and feels. Things are easier to find. Services that inspire donations are highlighted. Online donations became a reality with this site.

Back Country Excursions

Cliff has a popular Bike Touring business that allows visitors to explore the moutains and the ocean along the Maine coast. He has spent decades building eco-friendly trails to preserve the surrounding natural environment while providing exciting bike tours. His website needed a serious re-design and upgrade. Now his clients can find him more easily online. 

We added videos and special offers to the front page and a blog.

Green Mountain Tai Chi

Rich Marantz is certainly the most respected and sought after Tai Chi instructor in this part of the world. Although he had taken a break from teaching classes he wanted people to know that he was still in the game and also wanted to share his many instructional videos. We gave him a simple, easy to maintain site that accomplished these goals. 

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